Our flagship product – a Tag Helper Library for Metronic – has now arrived! Based on the most complete & trusted Admin Theme from our partner Keenthemes. We have invested a lot of time and effort to build a product that will move you and your business forward! Read more about Mecons in this post.

One year development time, a long way of implementation and many hours we left behind us: Now Mecons – A Tag Helper Library for Metronic – is available!

We create a comprehensive library of .NET Core Tag Helpers for the Metronic Admin Theme of our partner Keenthemes. Metronic is the most complete & trusted UI Framework on the market and it´s constantly evolving. For this framework, we have now published a professional library that abstracts a variety of Metronic components in the form of a tag helper.

For the next release, additional Tag Helpers are planned for various components of the Metronic Admin Theme. Among other things, we want to devote ourselves to the big topic Charts and make them easy to use as a tag helper.

Let´s start today and get Mecons for the starting price of just 299.00 EUR.